Apr 24, 2011

Book of the Arbitrator Version 1.1

As I posted yesterday, then I've reuploaded the new and improved version of 'Book of the Arbitrator'

Interested? Then pop by The Arsenal and download it!

The following are a list of changes that I've made for version 1.1

  • Fixed the initiative sequence; units are now categorized into having initiative X-, X or X+ and will activate from plus to minus during the turn sequence. This should speed up play immensely
  • Changed weapon modes a bit; instead of having a random number of shots when firing such weapons then all weapons now have a fixed number of shots. Also changed Semi fire into taking effect at Short range only, leaving any true multifire weapons for Auto fire only.
  • Added a small rule that allows units to push each other around during a close combat. Each hit can be changed into a 1" move in any direction up to a maximum of 2" after a combat, allowing you to push people off ledges and walkways (heehee!)
And many small corrections here and there; nothing worth writing about really. 

What is it all about?
Necromunda: Book of the Arbitrator is my set of house rules for playing Rogue Trader-esque tabletop games set in the Warhammer 40.000 setting. It was heavily inspired by the =I=Munda craze over at DakkaDakka, added with what I thought some good ideas from Inquisitor and Rogue Trader - set to the rules that I personally enjoy the most for skirmish games: Warhammer 40.000 2nd Edition

It is a booklet stuffed with all sorts of ideas on how to conduct small sirmish games in the Dark Millennium; skirmish games which remain true to the background setting (so yes, Space Marines are powerhouses to be reckoned with). 

Currently I'm working on a number of small supplements as well as gearing up to start a small narrative campaign which I will detail on this very blog. If interested, then I really suggest you give it a quick skim. 

That's all for today; cheers!

P.s. for a good idea on how such a game might be conducted, head on over to Tales from the Maelstrom and check out their newest battle report!

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