Apr 13, 2011

5th Edition: Combat Squads - 40k Skirmish System

Well, here we are then! The first real blog about Warhammer 40.000.

I'll keep it short this time around, I owe you readers that after that massive introduction I just posted.

I was inspired by Galaxy In Flames' and their excellent Special Operations: Killzone houserules; what Big Jim had conjured up was nothing short of being rather genious! However, there were a couple of niggles and irritations that kept cropping up. Some bad wording here and there and then, well, I have a knack for tinkering.

And thus I started to write Combat Squads. And it has slowly grown into nothing less than a monster!

Basically, the premise is that you create a small army, worth 200 points, in which each unit is a, well, a unit of one. If you've tried Kill Team or remember the old White Dwarf articles about Col. Schaeffers Last Chancers then you'll be well prepared for what Combat Squads is all about. If not, well check it out anyway!

If you're interested, then head on over to the Arsenal and have a look for yourself; oh and leave a comment or two if you have any suggestions on what might need rewording or fixing!

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