Apr 15, 2011

5th Edition: Combat Squads Test Run

Duncan deploying his Eldar forces

Last night was club night. It's somewhat a bi-weekly affair in a community center where we, a group of roughly 25 members meet and greet and play games. Recently we have been playing a 5th edition league, but as it ended last Thursday we needed something new to fill the void of Thursday night gaming (and yes, that's why I chose to tinker with Combat Squads).

We were four attendants last night, all of us eager to try out Combat Squads. So, an hour to go before game night I figured I'd better type up the missions that I had rummaging about in my head; and they have been included in the new update over at the Arsenal. We found that some of them, of course, had a few kinks that needed correction. But other than that, the games went along just fine.

So fine, in fact, that everyone got to talk about what would be awesome to create; Inquisitorial warbands, Ork Kommandos, Space Marine Scout Teams, solo missions for Vindicares etc. All in all, people got to talking and now I've promised to keep typing until we've got a complete set of rules.

One thing that cropped up during my game against Nicolai was the I shall not Yield special rule for Grey Knights. It made a mess of things in regards to the Combat Squad Morale rules and the turn sequence. In essence, it became impossible to break the Grey Knights. Cinematically correct of course, but not too smart in regards to rules.

What we did was to allow the Grey Knights to roll for their Squad leader first. If he got up, then he had to roll the Morale test. If not, well, then there would be no Grey Knights on the scene and thus the game would end.

Oh, and being the defender in an ambush is harsh! Lesson learned, most definately. Especially if your opponent has a flame thrower!

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