Apr 16, 2011

Paintshop: Sgt. Telion

Just a quick update to showcase the first of my soon-to-come Marine army.

I was originally going to paint up a Space Marine Mercenary army; but seeing as I already painted a Rogue Trader army, using the Imperial Guard codex I figured it was about time to try and paint something that looked more like, well, a regular army.

And thus, this unnamed chapter was born. I really like these colours and I'm looking at how to incorporate all manner of chapter organisation marks on my Space Marines; currently I'm thinking that a mix of Blood Angel and Ultramarine chapters are the way to go: Alternate helmet colour for the sergeants; left shoulderpad in a different color to signify the unit type, left kneepad to signify the squad and finally some sort of company marking.

But instead of doing what I always do, namely pick a set number of points for my army, purchase and build it, then I'm going to start out with painting up a small Combat Squad consisting of some Sternguard Veterans - and maybe a Scout (as presented above).

Combat Squads are rather addictive! I spent most of last night rummaging about in all of my boxes of unpainted miniatures to see what I could find for a good Combat Squad (which netted me just about a full Witch Hunter Combat Squad!).

Anyway - I hope that I'll find a name for these marines soon enough. As their primary colours are earth-like I'm thinking that they should have a chaptername to reflect these colours... any suggestions?

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