May 1, 2011

Batrep: Vandal at the Gate

Last night was the first of our - and hopefully many to come - game nights, set to the Refuge's End campaign. However, it is not part of the campaign, just yet as there are still things that needs to be cleared up in regards to both setting, rules and the campaign in general.

First off, It's mainly me with a lot of entusiasm about this whole campaign idea; of course it is a bit of a hard sell when you haven't actually written the damn thing yet (ahem). Secondly, much to my dismay, we found that Book of the Arbitrator still had some niggling flaws (which have been adressed, look out for a new version very soon).

But apart from all of this, I stil took pictures and we still had a great time. I took the role of the Arbitrator, which mainly meant clearing up rule quandries and scenario difficulties (which will be uploaded once I've corrected it with my notes from the day) while Nicolai took the role of the Imperial Mining Syndicate and Thorbjørn took the role of the Vandal Gang.

The Vandal Gang's raid on Research Station Kataman Alpha

The general idea behind the scenario was a simple 'snatch and grab' operation for the Vandal Gang. Their leader, Vandal, had been paid a large sum of credits to go out into the Kataman wilderness; find the IMS Reserach Station Kataman Alpha and were told to "wreck up the place and bring back their data report". And who was he to say no to such a venture? And thus, Vandal entrusted 'Two-Gun' Bob with the task of recovering the data. Of course, the men of Kataman Alpha, led by Chief Logos Isaac Reinstark wasn't just about to let a couple of vandals run away with their prize...

The Vandal Gang rushes toward the Research Station, preparing to storm the compound and catch the security detail with their pants down!

The IMS Personnel run a tight ship, however, and were on the look out for the Vandal Gang; prepping the Data for transport out as soon as the Relief Force came round to visit.

Vandals are at the gate! 

Hapless gangers happen to stumble upon a nest of Kataman Wardens and were devoured by these 'plantmen' in mere seconds!

"They're doing WHAT!" blurted Nicolai as the Vandal gang began setting Melta Charges on various buildings on the compound.

Tension is rising as the IMS Personel are leaving the compound behind, hoping to get as far away from the lasgun bolts that were peppering their compound.

Here comes the cavalry! And not a moment too late; the Vandal gang are just about to recover the data!

"Lay down your weapons and cease activities; you are trespassing and damaging valuable property of the...."

"Eat this Syndicate Stooges! *woosh*"

"Damn you, filthy scum! *click-click*... Oh no... Oh sweet Emperor no!"

In a desperate attempt to free his boss, Two-Gun Bob from the ongoing melee, a ganger threw a frag grenade, missed and then it scattered just so that it only hit the opponents! One lucky shot indeed!

The end status; Two-Gun Bob is hanging in by the end of his nails, but the IMS have secured the data onboard the Rhino and are making a run for it...

And thus ends this little batrep. Next time around I'll be sure to take a good deal of pictures and hopefully take more notes from the actual game; or will this type of battlereport do just fine? 

Thanks to Thorbjørn and Nicolai for having a go at the scenario and hopefully we'll be able to iron out the various rules and get the campaign off the ground; the IMS got away, barely, this time but will the Vandal gang give up so easily? Stay tuned!


  1. A very entertaining scenario indeed! It's a nice battle report, too.

    I would appreciate some more pictures of your scenery!

  2. Cheers! Will see about posting some pictures of my terrain in the near future; although I must admit that most of it has not been built by me, but rather a good friend of mine.

    However, I am slowly looking into building more terrain and boards; after all - there's a whole planet to explore, not just a small arid wasteland!

  3. Nicely done guys, very cool indeed and just the right amount and type of info for a blog-based battle report.