May 4, 2011

Refuge's End Planetary Defence Force?

So, today I ordered some various stuff from both a local trader on a Danish 40k-forum as well as at Scotia Grendel.

See, I needed some "scatter terrain" for my gaming boards in the likes of crates, cans and oil drums - and lo' and behold, Scotia Grendel have been fine purveyors of such scatter terrain for quite a long time.

However, I was also inspired by Tales from the Maelstrom (again) and picked up one of their six wheeled APC's from their Kryomek line of miniatures for use as a, well, as a six wheeled APC - oh, and I picked up something else as well.

Anyway, whilst this is en route, I decided that Refuge's End needed a planetary defence force! Proto Guardsmen, if you will; armed with locally fabricated Autoguns and... well, I've yet to decide on what else!

The following is how far I've gotten with their design:

Do note that it is very much a work in progress, and as such I happened to find that I ran out of the magazines that I used to convert this autogun! The rest of his squad will therefore carry another type of magazine (made from bolters) and I think this will simply designate that he has purchased extra ammo for his weapon - or perhaps that he's carrying an Autostubber? At any rate; meet the RE-PDF!

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