May 5, 2011

Planetary Report: Refuge's End


SUB-SECTOR: Barrion Mists
SECTOR: Carilanx Minoris
SEGMENTUM: Pacificus
GRAVITY: 1.04 G.
YEARS AND DAYS: 287,8 Standard Imperial Days

POPULATION: 6.700.000 Imperial Citizens
(See Society Notes)

CLIMATE: Humid and hot in the southern hemisphere; which progressively becomes less humid around the equatorial hemisphere eventually turning into a cold and dry atmosphere in the northern hemisphere.

GEOGRAPHY: The planet is divided into six stable continents as far as augur vessels can determine. The principal continent is known as Tyria Majoris which itself is attached through a series of river deltas to Tyria Minoris.

It is by far the largest continent; consisting of vast tracts of arid plains to the north of Tyria Majoris, eventually turning into fertile agricultural areas at the centre of Tyria Majoris and finally into a vast forest known as the Elerion Forest Canopy to the south in and around Tyria Minoris, with a vast mountain region bordering the southern pole of Refuge’s End.

Of the remaining five continents little to no information has been attained by exploration parties, natives nor augur vessels to date.

GOVERNMENT TYPE: Constitutional Monarchy / Unknown Tribal Structure.

PLANETARY GOVERNOR: Lord Commander Jordan Hogon of Marbraiux

SOCIETY: As Refuge’s End is still in its formative years, consisting mainly of refugees from the lost Sabbat Worlds, proper Imperial Society has yet to establish itself.

When the world was colonized the settlers found that the planet was not uninhabited as originally though, but found a thriving native population in and around the Elerion Forest Canopy. Lacking the manpower to conduct a thorough mission into the canopy, most of the imperial citizens have settled in and around the Kataman Valley as well as the Kataman Plains.

This means that apart from the capital, New Haven, that most of Tyria Majoris’ population consists of scattered minor settlements, agrifarms and Imperial Mining Syndicate installations throughout the continent.

However, with a steady influx of new refugees from the Sabbat Worlds as well as new settlers it is believed that soon there will be made an effort to venture and explore the forest canopy and conduct an Imperial Mission to the native tribes living there.

As such, Imperial Society has been segregated; the nobility have claimed vast tracts of lands and build imposing estates on these grounds as well as maintaining a mansion in New Haven; while many indentured workers and farmers have mainly settled in the outlying agricultural plains or deep within the valley, in areas that are, as of yet, unclaimed by any of the noble houses.
A good portion of the settlers are located in New Haven, either working the docks of the New Haven Spaceport or other menial tasks around New Haven proper.

As Refuge’s End is still under transition from Adeptus Refugium supervision then many of the more formal Adeptus Terra branches and divisions have yet to be implemented.
A large workforce from the Adeptus Refugium constitutes most of the Adeptus prescense on Refuge’s End, with a small enclave of Adeptus Ministorium and Adeptus Arbites within New Haven; any law enforcement and military structure is currently in the hands of the noble houses and private enterprises (see Military).

MILITARY: As of yet, no formal Imperial Guard garrison or regiment has been established on Refuge’s end. Instead, the standing armed forces on Refuge’s End consist of the Planetary Governors personal guard; the Marbruixian Honourguard and the newly formed Refuge’s End Planetary Defense Militia.

The Marbruixian Honourguard is a highly elite unit tasked with protecting the Imperial Commander’s family as well as various prioritized Imperial structures, such as New Haven Spaceport. They have received expert training in all theatres of war but consists of no more than a company of such troops.

To this end, the Imperial Governor has, in consensus with the Adeptus Refugium doctrines, raised a Planetary Defense Militia, constructed along the lines of the Imperial Guard but with local variation from the Tactica Imperium to offset local conditions. The Refuge’s End Planetary Defense Militia (RE-PDM) are a highly mobile and advanced quick reaction force, designed around the ideals set for mechanized companies. They recruit members based on a tithe system from all settlements across Tyria Majoris, and there has been talk as to allow the native population entry to the RE-PDM.

Apart from the Governors Forces (although, technically, the RE-PDM are not commanded by the Governor himself but rather they fall under the command of Lord Militant Huron Jaeger of Melchert) each House and major Industrial corporation are required to maintain their own militias; of which the Imperial Mining Syndicate Security Personnel is the largest, consisting of a company or so worth of troops.

PRINCIPLE EXPORTS: None, as of yet.
It is believed that there may be rolloxium to be found in the Kataman Valley; which is of chief interest to the Imperial Mining Syndicate.
Otherwise, the primary exports, if any, once the Adeptus Refugium supervision has ended, are believed to be in the form of agricultural goods; both from the farmsteads as well as the vast oceans.

PRINCIPLE IMPORTS: Any and all Imperial Goods are imported. As of yet, no formalized trade lanes have been established to Refuge’s End, which leaves imports sproradic at best.
So far, two Rogue Trader families (the Von Fintelmann and the De’Lacroix families) are the main purveyors of off-world goods, with some import coming from the exodus barges as they finally reach Refuge’s End.

ADEPTUS RECOMMENDATION: It cannot be emphasized enough that the population of Refuge’s End is in dire need of becoming a formalized part of the Imperium of Man.

The low Adeptus precense has, for instance, forced the Adeptus Arbites precinct in New Haven to raise smaller precinct patrols of local Enforcers; a practice common on other Hive Worlds but a practice best avoided as the Enforcer protocol subjugates local population to be the upholder of imperial law – a situation which is undesirable at best.

With little to no Adeptus Ministorium precense to speak of, it is feared that the new settlers will succumb to the Natives, if they were ever to cease their infighting and unit against the settlers. The greatest fear is that without any real prescence, the population – and especially the Imperial Governor family – will lax in their religious purity and may fall prey to the enemy within.

For the wellbeing of the settlers in Refuge’s End it is the opinion of the Adeptus Refugium that the highest priority is given to this system so that it may flourish in the guiding light of the Empror and the Adeptus Terra.

Emperor Protects.
Lord Adeptus Refugium Scribe
Virgillio Borr, 80153851.M40

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