May 13, 2012

To interested parties

As any readers might have guessed, then my interest for the Warhammer 40.000 mythos, as well as gaming in said setting, has been steadily waning as of late - to the point where I'm almost at a point of complete burnout.

Normally, I wouldn't post anything like this post in a dedicated blog, but I figured that some might be interest in what I'm currently up to.

I've recently started publishing a lot of rulebooks, setting material and so on, on various online forums across the web and today I decided to consolidate all of that material into a single blog called Terminus Nebula.

So if interested, check out that blog - and consider this blog to be on a permanent hiatus. Cheers for all the comments and to all the followers out there; I feel kinda sorry to let down those who had an interest in Book of the Arbitrator - but I figured it better to stop now, rather than risk a complete burnout.

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