Apr 26, 2011

BOA: Refuge's End

On the edge of the Segmentum Pacificus, most famous for Lord Solar Macharius crusade, lies a small sub-sector on the fringe of the Halo Stars and thus on the very edge of the Imperium. It was brought back to the attention of the Imperium following the evacuation of the Sabbat Worlds. As the Civitias Imperials abandoned the system, nearly two hundred years ago, they were in dire need of relocation, and somewhere in long forgotten and misplaced files of the Adeptus Terra, they found a suitable sub-sector in which to relocate the many million refugees.

The very first refugees to arrive to this subsector made landfall on the fourth planet within the Tora system. It was dubbed Refuge’s End and the refugees quickly established themselves around their landing ship New Haven which in time would become the planets capitol.

To the amazement of both the few Adeptus Terra officials present, as well as the refugees themselves they found that Refuge’s End was not uninhabited as they first thought. It would appear that at some point following the Marcharian crusade it was settled by remnants of the Imperial Guard and the natives were descendants of those stationed here.

What fate befell the original settlers is, as of yet, unknown. The natives – a multitude of clans and tribes – have met the refugees with both curiosity and suspicion. While there has been goodwill between the two groups, little progress has been made into actually piecing together what happened. The tribesmen tend to themselves and any contact made is mainly whenever a small Warband makes a visit to one of the many scattered communities within the original landing area to do trade. They accept the newcomers, but refuse them access to certain parts of the surrounding areas; stating that to do so will awaken a great evil that slumbers.

It has been fifty years since the original refugees came here, and more are still trickling in as the great exodus barges make it across the Empyrean. Progress is slow, but steady and it is the hopes of both the Planetary Governor and the various interest groups that Refuge’s End will, inevitably, prosper and flourish.

And here we have it then; Refuge's End - the new campaign setting for my future narrative campaign for Book of the Arbitrator. I'm still working out what factions I should let be controlled by the players themselves and which I should leave out of the loop, so to say, from the players. I think that to kick the campaign off I'll just start out with some simple skirmishes between whatever I can conjure up (well, one obviously has to be the Von Fintelmann family up to some no-good deeds) and see where the players take it?

Ah well, 'tis musings for another day. Now I've established the most important part of the campaign - the setting! The rest, as they say, will come. In time. 

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  1. Nice bit of background there, sounds like it'll allow you plenty of space to come up with any number of factions.

    I've been a fan of your painting log over on the Eastern Fringe for a good while now, great to see you start a blog - I just nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award, check my blog for details :)