Apr 27, 2011

Old School Revolution!

Mainly because I can't spell rennaisance for the life of me (English is my second language after all).

I'll keep this short and informal. While I was browsing around the blogosphere last night, I happened to come across Porky's Expanse, and more specifically I happened to come across this particular post.

As you can see, I figured it's a great idea - otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it, now would I?

Thus, I'll keep up my usual habit of including a picture in the first paragraph of my post - but now each photo will also give a visual aid and a quick reminder as to the topic for the post. Which means that the pictures will actually have a point to them all of a sudden! Gasp!

Anyway, cheers and take care out there!

1 comment:

  1. Good to have you on board! This is a mighty fine blog too, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it from now on.