Apr 29, 2011

A Few Games of Combat Squads

So last night was game night, and we had our usual games of Combat Squads. I tried to kit out a rather standard Space Marine squad (8 Marines) kitted out with a lot of wargear. Unfortunately, the dice gods were against me and I couldn't really get any footing... so the orks just kept coming!

We found that while Orks are cheap and shoddy, they are also rather hard to put down. And a couple of lucky dice rolls (like Nicolai had!) would end up with a lot of dead marines due to their shooting. It's not something that needs to be fixed, it's just something that opponents need to be vary of when facing Orks.

It's still a work in process; lots of niggling small things keep appearing, but then that's the joys of playtesting. Next time we've all agreed on putting together lists with vehicles and see how that fares.

As I'm rather hooked up on getting Book of the Abritrator up and running (got a game to play tomorrow and a scenario to write!), there won't be that many updates for Combat Squads just yet. It's not that I've lost interest, but I'm a hard case OSC'er (Ooh-Shiny!-Complex) and right now Refuge's End has definately tickled my interest. There will be an additional update later on about the scenario (with download possibilities!) as well as the new and improved Quick Weapon List!

Till next update!

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